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The Home swap Process in the UK

The Home swap Process in the UK

First things first you need to check your tenancy rights to make sure this is something you can do. Once this has been checked all tenants are required to complete a mutual exchange form, this usually a paper form rather than one you can fill in online and it asks for details about your home and the tenant you want to swap with. Once you’ve filled it in, return the completed form to your landlord.

Your landlord then has a maximum of 42 days from receiving your form to tell you in writing whether your application has been approved or refused. Some landlords have their own timelines – such as 28 days – but it will never be more than 42 days.


Common reasons home swaps are declined

·         If there are rent arrears on your account (conditional permission can be given, but the arrears must be cleared before the exchange is completed

·         If there is a Notice of Seeking Possession or Court Order outstanding on any of the tenancies

·         If your property is too large (by more than one spare bedroom) or too small for the incoming tenants

·         If your home has been adapted to your needs (for example a wet room has been fitted for you) or if the person who you are swapping with needs some special features immediately

Things you need to check

After all you are moving into a new home a lot needs to be checked before the decision is made.

  • What is the condition of the home- hygiene, Major and minor repairs

  • Visit at different times of day, evening and at the weekend so you can get a feel for the area

  • Is there parking? Are you close enough to public transport?

  • Where’s the nearest supermarket? What are the local schools like?

  • Broadband and T.v Providers in the area

  • Have health and safety checks been carried out i.e gas and electrical checks

Energy performance certificates - From the 1st October 2008 it became a legal requirement for social landlords to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on change of a tenancy. They may arrange for an Energy Assessor to contact you for an appointment to complete an EPC prior to your move. If you have moved in after October 2008, it might not be necessary to complete another as the (EPC) certificate is valid for 10 years.

Now you have an agreement

You will be asked to arrange a time and date that you and your swap partner can attend your landlords offices to sign the ‘Deed of Assignments.’ This appointment is usually arranged mid week before your move the following weekend. Your assigned tenancy will commence the following Monday.

You will be required to provide your original tenancy agreement and two forms of ID, (please include one photo ID).

If you are in receipt of housing benefit please remember to advise your local office you are moving as you may be required to complete a new form/change of circumstances.

You will be required to discuss all moving arrangements with your swap partner.

Once you have signed the’ Deed of Assignment’ it is legally binding and you are expected to move on the date as agreed with your landlord. You, or your swap partner can pull out at any time before this document is signed with no penalties.


Now the most important part……… Moving day!

After all the stress of the lengthy process of the home swap now you must plan removals around each other…… Red Leaf Removals and services Ltd can take care of this for both parties. We can arrange two teams to be loading up at the same time at both house with constant communication between the teams. This will give you piece of mind and reassurance that you wont be in each other’s way and the house will be empty when moving in.

This unique service Red leaf removals and services Ltd offer is definitely something to consider when going through this home swap process in the Uk.


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